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Website Traffic Analytics

Google Analytics Dash Board Here at P3 web designs & promoting, Inc. we have a tendency to assist you to optimize the dynamics of your web site, supported web site traffic and your user feedback. we have a tendency to assist you to research your placement over your nearest contestant supported on-line traffic trends. we have a tendency to live your web site traffic trends to assist you propose your gift and future promoting strategy.

Typically most websites underperform or struggle to show their guests into customers owing to Brobdingnagian on-line competition, lack of net analytics and understanding the methodology behind them. web site analytics tools will assist you perceive & analyze your visitor's behavior permitting you to cater to their preferences and desires. Statistically, the longer the traveller is at your web site, the larger the percentages they'll purchase your product and/or services.

Success of a web site simply cannot only be rated on the quantity of visits daily. to form the foremost of your web site, you may have to be compelled to perceive whether or not banners and advertisements of your web site are becoming enough clicks, variety of holiday makers WHO ar engaged along with your web site and whether or not your landing pages ar confusing, etc.

We at P3 we have a tendency tobs styles will give you with Google net analytics services that may improve the performance of your web site. With a far better robust|an improved} web site that's more practical, you'll expertise higher come on your ROI and thereby increase your bottom-line. By investment in net analytics you'll maximize the revenue you get from your web site.

Google Analytics Features Include:

Advertising ROI
Track all of your sales and conversions. this enables you to live your website engagement goals against, threshold levels that your company defines.

Cross Channel and Multimedia Tracking:

Mobile Tracking
Track mobile websites, mobile apps and web-enabled mobile devices, together with each high-end and non-JavaScript enabled phones.

Internal Site Search
Understand visitant intent, resolve what your customers square measure very probing for and speed up time to conversion.

Find out whether or not your web site usage metrics underperform or trounce those of your business. Opt-in benchmarking compares your key metrics against combination performance metrics whereas conserving the confidentiality of your knowledge.

Flash Video & Social Network Applications
Track usage of your mythical being, Flash, social networking and internet two.0 applications.

Customized Reporting
Isolate and analyze subsets of your traffic. choose from predefined custom segments like "Paid Traffic" and "Visits with Conversions" or produce new custom segments with a versatile, easy-to-use section builder. Apply sections to current or historical knowledge and compare segment performance aspect by aspect in reports. Watch video.

Google Integration and Reliability
Google Analytics has perpetually solely used first party cookies to make sure reliable chase and defend traveller privacy. Google Analytics runs on a similar globally notable infrastructure that powers Google, increasing knowledge integrity and privacy.

There ar totally different Key Performance Indicators relying upon the kind of business and business. this can be wherever we will assist you. We, at P3 Webs styles will offer you with solutions that may address the individual necessities for your web site, notwithstanding what business you're in.

The benefits of web analytics:

  • Web Analytics provides with the insight on however your guests ar experiencing and interacting together with your web site. supported this, you'll create your web site additional useful and easy-to-use, thereby up your possibilities of client retention
  • Web analytics will assist you perceive the conversion rate of your guests and supply you with solutions to maximise the conversion rate
  • You can take unjust steps to enhance the performance of your web site from the info relating your site’s entrance pages, exit pages and traveler activity
  • Plot the traffic patterns on your web site and find info on wherever they break down Overall it helps you maximize the potential of your web site
  • Overall it helps you maximize the potential of your website
  • Your net Analytics is exported into stand out, Word, PowerPoint, etc creating it simple to debate in your selling / strategy conferences
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