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P3 Websolution Work Strategy

How we work

How We Work

It's not okay to make a one-width web site or a single-browser interactive ad. you wish style which will work the distinctive kinds of every browser, mobile device and no matter else you employ to access the web. Thus, we try to accelerate the assembly method, speedily expediting every of the steps, whereas maintaining quality net development services. Below we've made public the standard web site development process:

1: Discover
It's easy to form a website for nobody, however we'd rather create your web site for actual folks. that is why we have a tendency to focus our initial web site development strategy on gathering info concerning you and your organization. several things ought to be taken into thought once the design and feel of your website is formed. It involves a decent understanding of you-what your business will, what you wish to realize, the audience and therefore the outcomes those audiences expect, kind of content, your competitors and the way the online will be used to assist your business or organization.

2: Define
The outline section is competently titled. you need to begin shaping user desires, goals you need to accomplish, and your arrange for positioning yourself among the competition. crucial the user desires initial is crucial. you'll be able to develop, what you think to be, a good product or service. however if the end-users don’t have a necessity for the merchandise or service, your product/service won't survive. we all know that if you have got done adequate analysis in shaping your product and it’s competitive positioning, you may have taken the key initial steps in continued onward and upward with a winning product.

3: Wireframe
Once we all know what you would like to place on your web site, we'll produce a basic define style of wherever things ought to go. Here square measure able to} check that components are positioned properly, the navigation works which you're pleased with the fundamental content.

4: Design
When we have an inspiration of all the weather, our Web designers can manufacture variety of various Design, typically of a home page at first, followed by variety of web layouts, which can then be bestowed to you for approval. There very is not any limit to what are often achieved visually and our styleers love a challenge! P3 Webs can work closely with you to develop your chosen design and manufacture additional pages before handing the project over to our developers to make your website. we have a tendency to usually organize a gathering to debate the styles before finally “signing off” AN approved set of Design.

5: Development
After the Design square measure prearranged, the files square measure transferred to in-house Web developers WHO begin to show the planning into a functioning web site. we have a tendency to rent Web developers WHO perceive style too and work to make sure that we have a tendency to bring our Design to life.

Once the varied layouts and custom practicality area unit developed, our developers can begin to make out the varied levels of web site structure (without content initially) therefore the web site will begin to be passable.

At this stage, the website are accessible by you via our development server wherever you'll be ready to click around and see your website returning to life! you'll recommend any extra changes or modifications you'd like done.

6: Device / User Testing
We now not use simply a desktop laptop to access the we have a tendency tob; we use a inordinateness of various devices throughout the day to access websites, from iPads to good TVs.

Once your web site is nearing completion, we tend to check each single page on a variety of various devices to make sure the expertise is that the same in spite of the device used. We’ll conjointly check to make sure that each one of the code written for your web site validates and meets the present net development standards.

7: Launch
This is clearly the foremost exciting a part of the method, wherever we tend to finally begin to visualize the impact of you new web site. However, before we tend to launch your wonderful new web site we tend to check and countercheck everything to form sure your new web site goes live while not a hitch.

We handle the complete method to make sure it's as seamless as doable, and that we will typically assure you that there'll be no “down-time” throughout the launch method.

Once your website is live, we tend to generally prepare a gathering to debate however we are able to begin promoting your web site to your potential customers.

If you are ready to move ahead and chart a whole new growth path for business through an impressive online representation, contact us today at (+91) 9712611349, for a no-obligation consultation.